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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Safe With Me" - Ollie Wade

Ollie Wade’s new song “Safe With Me” is a touching ode to an extremely hard subject. Wade has explained that this song is a letter to his partner who had been in an abusive and toxic relationship before him. His goal with the song was to explain to her that he would always be there for her, and would take as long as she needed to feel safe again. He would stand by her while she healed from the pain her past relationship had put her through, and he would love her through it all. The song is an anthem for all of those who have been in toxic relationships, and he encourages all those affected to get out while they can and find the one who will show them the true love and compassion that they deserve.

The song itself is delicate and uplifting, and mimics the tone of voice Wade uses with his partner. He is soft spoken and encouraging, and his love seeps through in his words. The song starts quiet and calm, and slowly builds into an inspiring chorus. This gradual incline mirrors the love and trust his partner builds for him, learning to lean on him in ways she hasn't been able to before. In the chorus, Wade sings, “Well if you’re falling apart / I'll mend your broken heart / Just know that you're safe with me / and if you fall to the floor / I know you’ve been there before / just know that you're safe with me”. He allows his partner to open up and trust him, and learn the true meaning of a relationship. In every situation, he will catch her and love her without restrictions.

Ollie Wade is a 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Winchester, England, who grew a following on YouTube by posting covers and vlogs about his life. He released his first single when he was 17, a song titled “Free”, and written about his late brother, Ben. He has always kept this vulnerability in his music, which allows audiences to connect to him and his art on a deeper level. His music is raw and real, and he truly knows how to storytell. With similar vibes to Shawn Mendes, Tom Odell, and Ed Sheeran, Wade has made bounds in the UK singer-songwriter scene. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Wade to tug at your heartstrings.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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