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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Saints" - Agnes Hustler

Agnes Hustler wrote her newest single “Saints” as the first single in her upcoming debut album “Agnes Dei” which will be released on June 2nd. The song’s purpose was to “interlace the duality of being a queer, sexual feminine being and a virgin martyr-a saint.” She wrote this song as a celebration to all those in the LGBTQI community. Everyone is special, and all identities should be celebrated. It was Agnes’ hope that her message and music live on into the next life and all the lives after that; a commemoration and admiration of all the unique people that make up this world. This song sets up for the upcoming album beautifully, and we cannot wait to hear the rest.

The eerie chimes and steady rhythm bring us into the first verse of the song, which is layered with more electronic beats for a very unique sound. Pop melodies are worked into a more soulful sound, mostly coming from Agnes’s voice. There is a lot of duality in this song; seemingly opposite things existing as one, from the lyrical choices to the instruments provided. They are combinations you would not normally think of, but they work extraordinarily together. The song’s overall electric feel is heightened in the chorus where Agnes makes it clear that saints will never die. Overall, the song is extremely fun and upbeat, a perfect addition to any high-energy playlist.

Inspired by Lady Gaga, Trove Lo, and Rihanna, Agnes Hustler has been working throughout her entire career to craft her “orange universe,” that draws us in. Born in Luleå, Sweden, Agnes’ original interest in music sparked at the young age of just two years old. Throughout her entire young life, she performed in choirs and learned to play the guitar and piano. This led to her introduction to songwriting at age thirteen, and eventually the decision to start her own record label Agnes Dei at age twenty. Agnes has been referenced to be “well on her way to becoming a powerhouse in Swedish pop,” according to international music magazines such as Bands of Tomorrow. We are excited to see what the next steps are in Agnes’ growing career!

Written By Molly Schiff



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