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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Sapphic Magician" - Jamison

Some might liken love to magic, but the act of disappearing is just another form of deception. In collaboration with Toniia, "Sapphic Magician" is Jamison’s latest single with vocalist Karis, vocal engineer Sunnie Williams, mix engineer Zach Golden, and master engineer Gabi Grella. “Sapphic Magician” is all sultry and dulcet tones but with a touch of melancholy. With clever songwriting, Jamison plays with both magic and wordplay to create a song that spins a story that LGBTQ and non-queer listeners can relate to: the magic of love and the trickery of it all. The slow degradation of a relationship can feel a lot like the fading of an illusion, and the track makes sure that this effect is weaved throughout its runtime with elegant vocals backed by thrumming instrumentals. “Sapphic Magician” is dark and moody and sensual, smoother than a skilled magician’s sleight of hand.

“Sapphic Magician” has every bit of bedroom pop that you’d imagine; through clever mixing and engineering, along with some fantastically glossy vocals, the track also has all the components of a heartbreak anthem. I especially love the opening strings and how they set the initial mood; it’s romantic, the way that the song describes the magnetism between two people, but then as the strings die out, the betrayal comes along. The songwriting is also amazing– absolutely brilliant in the way it combines both love and magic to create the vision of a partner whose sly deceptions leave you feeling like a fool. The chorus is definitely my favorite part of the song; it all flows so elegantly, with the instrumentals being in part responsible for how the vocals and songwriting mingle together so well. The lines “you hit me in my blind spot/thirty-four times/you even tricked me with the lights on” are just so reminiscent of what it means to be in a one-sided relationship. "Sapphic Magician" is seductive, relatable, and wildly clever; it's the kind of song I leave on loop and listen to every time, never zoning out.

Jamison is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s worked with both local and international artists, writers, and producers to create collaborative sounds with infectious beats and skilled songwriting. As a music teacher, certified music therapist, songwriter, mentor, and artist, there isn’t a moment in her life where she isn’t surrounded by music. In 2020 her debut single “Cautious” dropped in collaboration with Jack Book. Additionally, her 2021 collaboration with Kimmie Devereux produced “Queen”, which now has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify to date. Her discography is filled to the brim with amazing tracks in collaboration with other artists, so if “Sapphic Magician” was up your alley, browse her other tracks to listen to hear what working together truly means!

Written By Alexa Leung



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