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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Save Your Breath" - Gia Darcy

Your early 20s is a stage of life filled with friends and new relationships, as well as failed ones. You go out with your people and meet new characters at the bar, and then debrief your first impressions. While these impressions make for funny conversations, they usually are not the most flattering. Gia Darcy’s latest release sets this scene, and she explains it by stating, “‘Save Your Breath’ is a song I wrote for my friends and me. I wanted to create this song that would pump us up and help us feel super confident before we go out. I am sick of these cocky and arrogant men who approach you, pretend they can give you the world, just to ghost you 2 days later.” She has certainly achieved this goal by creating an upbeat feminist anthem to remind yourself that the man is not in charge- you are.

This track is fast paced and fun, completed with lyrics that truly show Darcy’s personality. The chorus starts with, “Why you so obsessed with looking like you’re the man / Puffing up your chest like you think you’re all that”. This is such a typical experience for a woman’s 20s. Being approached first and not being interested proves to be more of a laughable experience, as well as an ego boost. The chorus continues with “Conceited charm that I saw through / Save your breath, I’m not that into you”. This powerful shutdown leaves listeners begging for more of this strong-woman homage, and proves that Darcy is truly a girls-girl.

Gia Darcy is an Australian based singer-songwriter with almost 4,000 monthly Spotify listeners. She recently played her first headline show at the Meraki Arts Bar in Sydney, Australia to a sold out crowd. Her set list included new music and was completely acoustic, which is a drastic change from “Save Your Breath"'s upbeat soundscape, which truly showed her range and talent. Her music continues to be honest and true to her life experiences, as well as being tracks listeners can relate to. She focuses on classic early 20s experiences, such as love and heartbreak, and puts on her own spin. Make sure to follow along the social medias below to stay up to date on any new releases from Darcy.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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