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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Sea Salt" - Josie Edie May

The somber feeling of being homesick is one that can feel hopeless. Feeling so far away from where you feel your best, where you leave behind the ones who love you and make you feel happy. A change in your environment can cause so many emotions to bubble up. These feelings are ones Josie Edie May knows all too well, and describes on her new track "Sea Salt." The track feels like a warm hug, an inviting feeling to welcome an embrace from someone you love.

The instrumentation is folksy, it is almost space-like in the twinge of the guitar in the production. It feels vast, and very open, just like the ocean that May describes through the track. Pianos help keep this feeling centered as May's voice soars over the production. The lyrics are very vividly written, filled with elements of storytelling. May describes the pain she is feeling, through the imagery of floating in the ocean, "Sea salt water in our wound // A sharp pain that does you good // Wash away the broken skin // A tried mark that you forget // Close your eyes and clench your teeth // As you get used to the feeling of it // Lay on your back and stare at the sky // A salty tear joins the crashing tide." These emotions bring to life the emptiness she's feeling as time is moving so fast around her and changing things, "Floating as the time has stopped // In the palm of the sea, you shan't be dropped // Off shore, sailing, we have arrived at the coast // All structure and time, turned into a ghost." May describes that the feeling of homesickness occurs because home isn't just a place. That it's the people around us that brings us ground, "So strange in a place so large you feel so alone // Makes you realize, that when you say home it's not a number, or a seven-digit code, or a building on the side of the road // The people who fill you with love, laughter, and hope."

Josie Edie May is a soft-pop, and country/folk artist based in Suffolk and Brighton in the United Kingdom. "Sea Salt" is her latest release, following the track "Washing Lines" from May 2022. May lists her biggest inspirations are Kacy Musgraves, Gabrielle Alpin, and Nina Nesbit. May's uniqueness in her craft comes from her beautiful voice, and the ability to tell stories through her lyricism. Her lyrics are full of depth, and are able to be interpreted through the mind in many different facets and ways.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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