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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Season One" - sydneyunicorns

"Back to season one; time falters when left alone" is a meaningful phrase that is sang by sydneyunicorns' on her hot new single titled "Season One" which centers thematically around loneliness and a feeling of wanting satisfaction with not only one's life in the conscious state of mind BUT also the unconscious, more creative side of the brain. The idea of melting clocks sounds fascinating but it comes with lots of sacrifice especially if you are not in the right headspace. The lyricism on this song has those uplifiting haiku-pieces in there with a blend of sorrow and a feeling of being in the loop which Sydney conveys masterfully here.

I want to go back to season one of my own life listening to these soundscapes on the production! I've been missing a psychedelic sound like this for a while! Sydney's vocals are angelic yet emotional and proud to a point where both the cadence and the lyrics pack a punch. The utilization of the ethereal background vocals puts lots of pizazz on various parts of the song structure itself and it makes up for an almost simplistic instrumental that uses those soundscapes yet it works very well! This entire song feels like a long journey through the Mushroom Kingdom to somewhere humans have yet to discover!

sydneyunicorns is a singer, songwriter AND producer that hails from the City of Angels (LA)! Sydney has been growing her business acumen in the music world since 2021 and has not slowed down with not only this new single BUT also other singles from last year including "Styx" AND "The Crown" that have that psychedelic, hypnagogic pop vibe that Sydney presents. She plans on continual releases of singles, possible full project, more features, touring AND so much more on the table! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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