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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Second Chances" - Kinga Angelys

Urbanites like myself, operate by a different social code compared to others coming from suburbia and rural communities. Our social code revolves around survival and self-preservation, which makes certain concepts and ideas outside of that norm extremely difficult to come to terms with. The biggest for me has been second chances; for me, second chances have always been an opportunity for the ‘chance seeker’ to let me down again – and I refuse to let that happen. Despite the hardened exterior, disappointment devastates me beyond belief, so I never give multiple chances. Kinga Angelys “Second Chances” has made me reconsider, though.

“Second Chances” is an Acoustic-Pop track set to a mellow melody accompanied by Angelys bright and cheery vocals. The single provides listeners with a bird’s-eye view of how Angelys herself would go about trying and executing a second chance with a previous partner. The opening verse begins with Angelys reassuring this partner that everything “will be alright / we’ll talk things through the night”. This is a genuine effort to explore the relationship – what worked for all the parties involved before, and what needs to be improved upon in order for this second chance to be fruitful. The consequent verses and chorus are Angelys providing additional reassurance to this partner, even informing them that all relationships are “a crazy ride / [but] I know we’ll make it if we try”. If all second chances were grounded in this much comfort and consolation, more people, urbanites and those that have been burnt one too many times, would be more willing to give them out.

Canadian singer and songwriter, Kinga Angelys, currently resides in Hamburg, Germany. Angelys has been musically inclined since childhood. This inclination has helped develop her well known Acoustic-Pop sound and hone her gift for realistic storytelling within music. “Second Chances” was inspired by an older couple that Angelys performed a private balcony concert for; the couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary and second marriage to each other. Stories like this are bound to keep on catapulting the artist into the limelight. But until the next single, listeners can keep on streaming her current vibrant discography and even book her for live performances, too.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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