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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Secret" - Amy Jaime

In her latest single, Amy Jaime both stresses and reminisces over a complicated series of interactions and emotions shared between two people. "Secret" exudes confusing, off-and-on, situationship energy that we've all grown to relate to. Whether you love or hate the game of cat and mouse, you've likely experienced the same feelings the artist expresses throughout the song. Whether it's waiting on a text, hiding your business, or feeling sour where you once felt sweet, Amy Jaime has been there and is ready to talk about it in her new single.

After a couple of listens through this song, it was stuck in my head all day. Not only does the artist have a lovely register comparable with today's women of R&B, but her use of unique instrumentals pairs dreamily with her tone and the mood of the song. Clever lyrical one-liners of a back-and-forth dynamic string the verses into the chorus, where the artist continues to contemplate against an upbeat rhythm. Catchy musical melodies and harmonious vocals by Amy Jaime mixed together to produce a single that I can envision a group of friends bopping along to together.

Las Vegas based artist Amy Jaime is new to the scene, though her passion for music began in her early childhood. While she worked on several other projects in her lifespan, she knew music was where her heart lie. The Pop/R&B artist plans to continue to release plenty of upcoming content, so make sure to follow all of her socials linked below!

Written By Zewdi Cass



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