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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Senses" - Jeanika

In "Senses" by Jeanika, Jeanika is confident in her personal development since being broken by a past relationship. Ultimately, Jeanika's unfortunate circumstances worked in her favor, allowing her to find a new perspective on her value as a woman and what that means for her love life moving forward. Her past lover, however, seems delusional about Jeanika's growth and believes she'll come running back despite what changes occurred during their separation. But Jeanika is aware that her self-improvement doesn't reflect anyone else's. More so, she wants to be clear she's better off alone than back in the arms of someone who wounded her. After all, it is the energy from her journey that Jeanika channels in "Senses," which is a testament to the work she impresses listeners with when she's self-reliant.

Within three minutes and sixteen seconds, "Senses" by Jeanika emphasizes the performer's vocal prowess. Credit for that can be given to the track's sparse production, solely consisting of guitar, bass, piano, and live percussion. With a slow tempo and subtle movement from the instrumentation, "Senses" is an empty canvas for Jeanika to tell her story, which she reflects on in the beginning lyrics, "Where do I start?/Since you broke my heart." But Jeanika is straightforward in expressing herself, stating the song's premise in the lines "Since you've been gone/I've come to my senses," while comparing her growth to her heartbreaker in the lyrics, "Am I the only one that's grown away?" It's in this simple nature of her writing and her complex vocal abilities that, by the end of the song, will convince any listener she's a "brand new woman."

Jeanika is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Her musical education began at age three and continued over the years, eventually allowing her to study at the Royal Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. Through schooling, Jeanika's development as a musician encouraged pursuing music professionally, which she decided to tackle as an R&B artist. In 2022, the first year of her career, Jeanika released four singles on streaming services while amassing 4,826 monthly listeners on Spotify. With her latest song, "Senses," Jeanika remains determined to reshape the R&B genre while furthering her popularity internationally. And with her strong vocal abilities, songwriting talent, and extensive musical background, what Jeanika could accomplish going forward is limitless.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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