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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Set Me Free" - RuBe

From time to time, we're all longing for something more; grasping for a change, a sign, or a chance at something better. Sometimes it feels as though no matter how hard we try, we can't do it alone. This melancholy desperation is captured perfectly in RuBe's latest single, "Set Me Free". The emotional lyrics of this track reflect feelings of anxiety and a fear of staying in one place for too long. The line, "I fear the walls are getting smaller" confirms this, as metaphorically, we all relate to a situation that feels fruitless and claustrophobic. RuBe expresses that she's, "in need of some salvation - Cause there ain't nobody here for when I fall". This is something we instantly resonate with as we live out our daily lives. We carry our struggles independently until sometimes, they become too much to carry alone. In moments like this, it's natural to want nothing more than to escape, to have a helping hand, and to be set free from the stress.

RuBe takes this idea one step further by masking those desperate lyrics within a fast-paced, drum and bass style instrumental. We begin with the sound of birds and organ-like synths beneath ethereal vocals, gentle reminders of the human nature of the song. Abruptly, we're met with double time drums and a kicky bassline that slowly reveal their true vibrancy going into the pre-chorus. The methodical filtering in the build-up lends beauty to a bright chorus, where we hear the sound of strings for the first time. The simple line, "Set me free" is repeated wrapped in heavy reverb and delay. Gated synths are added as sound effects, driving the cinematic drop into the next verse with ease. The instrumental ebbs and flows like waves, drawing in listeners and keeping us engaged before we even realize why. It's a tragic and beautiful sound that enraptures the intense vocals with grace.

RuBe (pronounced Ruby) is a 19-year-old UK based singer-songwriter. Having been a musician since the young age of six, RuBe has proven her expertise writing music that she cares about. She is often inspired by her family and the people closest to her, citing her younger brother who has Down Syndrome as a major influence. Her first three singles, "TRYING", "BROKEN", and "Because of You" debuted in 2023. Each song was part of a trilogy written to bring awareness to the condition. RuBe sports a chevron tattoo behind her ear, a symbol that she is always listening and looking out for her brother. This passionate creator has gained the support of BBC Introducing, being listed twice as a, "One to Watch" artist. In January 2024, "Set Me Free" was trending as an "On Repeat" track during its release week. You can find the song streaming now on YouTube and Spotify.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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