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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "She Fell In Love In The Summer" - Omar Rudberg

Trying to find your place in the world can be exhausting. Falling into vices to fill the void, fighting to find happiness in any way you can but it always feels like you're coming up short. Omar Rudberg handles this topic beautifully with his new track She Fell in Love in the Summer. In it, Omar sings of a girl who constantly has love and trusts slipping from her grasp. She is doing everything she can to find her place in the world but something is always bringing her down. She is constantly fighting to keep her head up but with every bit of hope, she’s hit with another ping of pain. The track follows as she learns to find happiness in herself and eventually falls in love with herself in a hopeful ending.

The track begins with Omar’s breathy vocals layering over each other while a subdued piano ping in the foreground. We are then introduced to the main character of the song in the opening line. “She gets a little high when she feels a little low” This opening line encapsulates what the girl Omar is referring to is going through. She’s suffering and masking it with whatever she can. Using our vices to cover up our upsets is common. The lyrics on this track paint an even more vivid picture as the song progresses. The soundscape is quite simple leaving the lyrics and Omars' masterful vocals on full display.

Omar Rudberg is a Venezuelan-Swedish powerhouse. With talents that include both acting and singing he rose to fame at quite a young age. Starting in the Swedish boyband FO&O in 2013 he honed his skills and went solos five years later. While making a name for himself as just Omar he became one of Sweden's top-selling artists. He is currently playing Simon on the Netflix drama Young Royals but still has time for his massive music career. With the release of She Fell In Love In The Summer Omar is showing a softer side of himself and making way for more people to hear his sultry vocals. If you haven’t heard of Omar Rudberg, now is the time to give him a listen because he is surely becoming a household name.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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