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  • Megan Cao

Review: "She" - Ollie Wade

“She” is a heartwarming tribute to mothers everywhere. Your mother wipes your tears, makes you smile, and pours all of her love into you, knowing that no matter what happens, nothing can shake her love for you. No matter where you are or who you’re with, there’s no one you can depend on more than your own mother. Wade thanks his mother for believing in him, for listening to every single one of his songs, and for being proud of them. A mother is someone that’s precious to everyone, and Wade perfectly conveys his thankfulness and pride for his own mother.

Having taught himself classical piano during the pandemic, Wade’s simple melody tugs on the heartstrings, creating a reminiscing and hopeful tone. The delicate piano in the background only adds to the thankful tribute of the entire piece. It’s clear that Wade greatly respects his mother, admiring the weight she carries on her shoulders all with a smile or how she’s the shoulder to cry on for him and countless others. Wade’s mature and sorrowful voice takes a change as he gets to the chorus, turning lighter and more uplifting.

Ollie Wade, a UK singer-songwriter, is an expert with barring his soul to the world. His raw lyrics are only heightened by his detailed and relatable narratives. Starting his career by posting acoustic folk-pop covers on YouTube, he’s now confidently stepped into the industry, writing his own lyrics and songs for the world. Even once playing an intimate show for The Duchess, Kate Middleton, Wade is not shy about stepping on the stage. Wade’s refreshing lyrics and emotional ballads are bringing a new sound into the industry.

Written By Megan Cao



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