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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "She's a Liar" - Little Fuss

The second this song begins, you’re instantly transported to an early 2000’s movie. This is reminiscent of the soundtrack that plays when the protagonist gets a makeover from her new found popular friends, dancing around in the dressing room, trying obnoxious outfits until they find her that perfect little black dress. She lets her hair down, throws on a dark lip, and she’s ready to date the most popular guy in school… only to remember who she really is. She stops pretending, stops trying to please everyone else, and start listening to her own heart and mind. Needless to say, she dumps the football player, puts back on her glasses and comfy pink sweater, and she finds love within herself and all of her flaws. She never needed him to be something important, she had the magic within herself the entire time, but it can be hard to see your own worth and your own importance in life. We hurt ourselves to heal others, when in reality we need to save ourselves. We can not base our self-worth or merit on others perceptions of us. We can't let bullies or demons get in our head, make us feel less than, and allow ourselves to let it ruin us. I am not who I think I am; I am not who he thinks I am; I am what I think that he thinks I am. Our past experiences weigh on our mind and can cloud our reality of who we really are, but this song helps mend the overwhelming feeling that we are sole voyagers on our lost journey. You simply can’t help but vigorously move your head from side to side along with the drums. The wicked, pulsating beat and Olivia’s alluring, seductive voice make you wanna do all the things you wish you imagine yourself doing in your head that may cause some trouble. “She’s a Liar” by Little Fuss makes you want to enter your villain era.

Little Fuss has not just created a captivating song, but a chapter of a chilling story. Their album, Girls At Parties, is a cinematic masterpiece constructed of nine chapter concepts. “She’s a Liar” delves into mental health and the negative spiral that can leave us immobile in life and within the four walls of our own mind. This riveting song of fury and soul is inspired by the short story “Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It’s a chilling tale, one old as time, where a doting wife is abused by her husband and made to feel crazy by his manipulation; she quickly jumps head first into a downward spiral of anxiety that he created, and yet she is the only collateral damage. Anxiety is truly a monster, one we can’t seem to leave under our bed. This song describes the stagnant feeling of fear and self-doubt in a way that will open the conversation in a healthy, realistic way, and will help a lot of people who are facing the same struggle that sometimes can feel eternal. “She’s a Liar” turns misery and isolation into a community of a bunch of individuals who can now take a deep sigh of relief and realize they are not alone in feeling alone.

The creative and innovative duo behind Little Fuss, Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden, are compelling storytellers. This indie art pop duo is able to insert such important messages over such catchy tracks which are going to get stuck in peoples head and help change the negative narrative on mental health. Little fuss is comprised of two extremely talented artists who want to have the hard conversations with the world, and let people know they don’t deserve to feel pain or fear, and their music is going to help people want to find self-love and solutions. These Boston based songsmiths carry so much power and weight within their dynamic words and encapsulating music. They are the type of band that wants to see real change in the world, and they are going to have a piece in getting us there.

Written By Grace Chapman



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