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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Should've Known" - Livi Jacobs

Livi Jacobs is back after her first song release with another instantly lovable song, “Should’ve Known”. This up and coming artist has now shown us two sides of her musical talents, showcasing that she really can do it all. “Should’ve Known” explains a journey of a post breakup enlightenment. Storytelling, Livi sings “You been saying how you’re over it. But you’re still talkin’ shit. Promised the world to me. Guess words don’t mean a thing. You know what goes around is comin’ back around baby”. Learning from the past, she now sees where she was led astray. Seeing now, how things could have once seemed good, but looking back on the actions that were shoved aside she can now see the true colors of her ex.

“Should’ve Known” sparks a 70s mellow rock vibe bundled into an upbeat pop country classic. This song drives hard with a soft, yet soulful acoustic force. Livi is creating a new space for herself within a soft, mellow pop country. It sounds like a lot of different areas that need to be able to work, but Livi makes this sound like a well oiled and finely tuned machine. The song begins with a deep acoustic sound and firm accompanying beat. Peeling back the layers and looking within, Livi adds a new wave to her sound. Livi has created a work of art, her song presents itself as a beautiful and fascinating song!

Austria Born, Livi Jacobs is taking the music world in the palm of her hands. By creating a unique sound for herself that is standing out from the media noise. Livi has a growing presence on social media, which is blossoming with the development of her sound. By adding “Should’ve Known” to her discography she is already showcasing both upbeat track, to follow her more mellow and somber “Goodbye”. Livi is growing her presence quickly so you definitely will not want to miss what she will do next. Make sure to follow Livi Jacobs below and give “Should’ve Known” a listen!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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