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  • George McSherry

Review: "Shymode" - Lilla Shy

New indie-daydream fuel has breached the music world; "Shymode" is the fresh debut single by Lilla Shy that packs all of the angsty energy of a sepia-filtered coming-of-age movie into just over three minutes. The raw, cinematic piece, rife with relatable imagery of lacking confidence and self-esteem, ironically requires marked bravery to share with the world.

The track features the whimsical pairing of a vibrant pop/rock framework and raw, confessional lyricism that oozes relatability. The juxtaposition of the lyricism's melancholic honesty and the upbeat instrumentals mirrors Lilla's efforts to reconcile her shy and awkward disposition with her love for an industry that rewards glamor and flair. Shymode's production is packed to the brim, combining acoustic and electronic instrumentation to pour rhythm and melody into every little nook and cranny. Oscillating stereo effects, layered vocals, and ambient sounds of an unsettling crowd make way at the song's end for Lilla to reiterate her somber message once more.

Lilla Shy is an Italian-born, London-based musician who attributes her stage name to a blanket she had since birth that lent her comfort in times of social anxiety. A self-described "introverted attention seeker", Lilla yearns to share the melodic intimacies that shape her world with undulant crowds but is also unnerved by the idea of ordering food on the phone. Taking her primary inspiration from songwriter Amy Allen, Lilla hopes to continue to fine-tune her craft with a dream of performing to a sell-out crowd in her hometown of Rome.

Written By George McSherry



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