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  • Willow Gray

Review: "sick and tired!" - Natalie Barth

“sick and tired!” navigates through the complex negative feelings that accompany a struggling lifestyle and mental health. In a state of negativity, it is often easy to slip into harmful coping mechanisms. As life continues on its messy path, you begin to realize the monotony of it. Your negative spirals into drugs and mentally unwell ideations consume everything. You joke about your substance-fueled days so the sting of reality never hits you. But in the end you realize that you are just tired. Every substance you consume, plant you buy just to let die, and repetitive lifestyle just makes you sick and tired. You crave and strive for something more than the life you have allowed to take over your every movement.

“sick and tired!” is an alt pop rock anthem that incorporates small background elements that make it stand out. What stood out immediately is the use of a breakcore reminiscent drumbeat that plays throughout. It keeps up a unique fast-paced tempo that shines especially through the vocals. Natalie Barth sings each quickly paced verse in a sweet vocality. There are occasional musical modulations that make this an even more intriguing experience. Primarily in the pre-choruses, there are brief quips of vocal modulation that pull your attention back in. While most of this single has the main vocal sometimes paired with a background vocal, the bridge has multiple vocal lines over-laying each other. This highlights both the narrative and the break in the single’s usual structuring.

Natalie Barth is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina. She has been writing her own music for years before she officially ventured into the music industry. It was within the past few years that she decided to explore the industry and get her foot through the door. Her music career has been inspired by artists such as Lorde and Lennon Stella. Her music focuses on writing about her own experiences and the negatives of life. She is known for performing in venues across America and is always scheduled for her next performance. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “sick and tired!” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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