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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Side Effects" - Chloe DeMore

Chloe DeMore is a new artist coming into the light. She just released her debut single “Side Effects.” Her angelic vocals and harmonies scratch just the right part of your brain. The production was soft with a piano playing throughout and drums were brought in as we neared the climax of the song. Everything felt well placed and really enhanced the emotional effect of this track. Chloe shares a vulnerable message on how moving on from a failed love comes with side effects. She brings light into a dark situation to keep herself moving forward.

Heartbreak is something we all experience in many ways. There is no date set for when you will feel whole again. The process is messy and complicated and Chloe captured the hope we need to get through it. “My head is hurting, but my mind is learning that I don’t need this drug,” is a line that hits your soul. Chloe shares in this song that while she’s dealing with the hardships of moving on, she knows what she had with that person wasn’t good for her. She ends the song with “I’m feeling free today, but where are you?” Relationships can be toxic but sometimes we hold on to them because we find comfort. I admire how she stated feeling free after letting go, even if she still wants to hold on.

Chloe nailed her debut single right on the nail. Her vocal ability truly left my jaw dropped. She opened up in a way I don’t see from other brand new artists. I can already feel the power in her songwriting and can only imagine what she’ll bring to the table next. “Side Effects” is an incredible piece that I believe many people would find comfort in listening to. Be sure to check out all of Chloe's socials down below to see what’s next on her fresh journey into being an artist. She is going to do great things.

Written By Emylee Herring



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