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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Sidelines" - Jada Facer

It's a strange, yet common struggle fighting with the challenge of moving on from someone who mistreats us. We know we shouldn't accept their hurtful behavior or settle for less because we deserve better. The lies and inconsistencies are red flags and clear warnings that it's time to let them go. When we finally take that step, it's tough, and our feelings linger. Nevertheless, the wisest choice now is to prioritize self-care, where you care for them from a distance. “Sidelines” by Jada Facer expresses her thoughts and experience on struggling with loving someone that wasn’t meant for her. And because of this, the only choice she felt like she had was to now love them from the sidelines.

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship characterized by equality, consistency, and great communication. However, Jada found herself in one that was quite the opposite. Later, she came to the realization that she could no longer continue dealing with the toxicity and constant back-and-forth because she deserves better. While still having love and affection for this person as well as for herself, she made the decision to put herself first while maintaining her love for them from a distance. One example of an unhealthy moment between them is the high amount of chances she gave her partner for them to do better, just for them to not do better: “Go to leave to turn back again on your 20th second chance. I need you so I don’t give a damn if you give a damn.” Jada beautifully wraps up the song with the empowering decision that she's choosing self-love and walking away from a relationship where she was treated unfairly: “Distant conversation. Overthink and analyze. Try to read between your lies. Constant inconsistent. And I’ve grown to love goodbyes and love from sidelines.”

Jada Facer is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter and actress from St George, Utah. She has an impressive discography, both as a solo artist and a feature on tracks, many of which have gained millions of streams. Currently, her most popular song is "Be Alright (Sped Up Version)," which has over 14 million streams. On her youtube channel, she posts a mix of original songs and covers. She covered Bruno Mars’ “When I was Your Man,” which nearly has 1 million views. As for her acting career, Jada was seen on many TV shows and movies such as Melissa & Joey, The Mick, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Nina del Tango, and more. Check out Jada Facer’s latest single “Sidelines” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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