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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Sidelines" - Rich Hennessy

Rich Hennessy's latest single, "Sidelines" is an upbeat pop tune harboring a truckload of relatable emotions. It describes the feeling of watching someone you secretly love getting hurt over and over again, and hardly being able to stop yourself from swooping in and showing them you can do it better. The song hits hard, because haven't we all had that thought at some point? We wait on the sidelines out of respect, but the red flags are all so obvious. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride. This song feels like the sequel to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" in a way, except Rich adds a confident spin to the story. Instead of feeling like an outcast, he knows he can do better, and I love that energy.

Musically, this song is so much fun. It's an upbeat pop tune with influences from EDM and elements of disco. The emotional lyrics alongside such danceable music really brings artists like Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa to mind. Rich's powerful voice tells the story well here, inviting listeners in for this incredibly catchy beat. The artist's skill is a nice touch too, as we hear some really impressive vocal runs throughout. "Sidelines" is easily radio-ready, rivaling some of the most popular mainstream music in both production and writing. It's a well-built song that captures the very humanistic feeling of experiencing confidence and insecurity at the same time, and it's that combination that makes it stand out.

Rich Hennessey is an LGBTQ Nashville, TN-based songwriter and pop artist. He debuted with his cover of, John Farnham's "You're the Voice" just before the 2020 election. This empowering cover brought attention to his work, inspiring him to write original songs that evoke a sense of change. Hennessey has since released powerful ballads such as, "Break the Silence" and "Enough" alongside his upbeat pop releases like "Keep Your Love" and of course, "Sidelines". Being a multi-faceted artist with the ability to inspire others with his work, Rich Hennessey is certainly an artist to watch. You can check out "Sidelines" now on Spotify and all major streaming platforms!

Written By Shelbi Baker


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