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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Silent Movie" - Erica Manzoli

Sometimes, it can feel as though you’re speaking, but no one is listening. You’re here on Earth, surrounded by people, but you might as well be invisible. Erica Manzoli encapsulates these feelings in her new song ‘Silent Movie’. The song has Manzoli going through the motions of life, watching without really interacting. She feels as though her life is passing her by and she’s stuck in this state of being a viewer. Manzoli worries that no one will notice if she can’t come back to herself. She doesn’t know what her life could be like if she gets stuck as the viewer. This song puts into words the uncertainty that comes when you feel as though you’re a life viewer who can never become a participant.

There’s an honest vulnerability to ‘Silent Movie’. Manzoli mixes raw vocals with heartfelt emotion to create a story that feels deeply personal. One of the lyrics that creates the songs emotional core is, “I’m shouting but nobody hears”. This lyric has a beautiful fragility to it. Manzoli does a wonderful job at creating a sense of trepidation. You can tell that the person in this ‘movie’ is about to break. They’re teetering on the edge, inches away from losing themselves, and are begging for someone to pull them back. They don’t know what would happen if they never came back to themselves, much less if anyone would even notice. ‘Silent Movie’ leaves you with a sense of heavy emotion that stays long after the last notes ring out.

Erica Manzoli is working her way up in the music industry. The singer-songwriter wrote her second single, ‘Silent Movie’, from a deeply personal place. Feelings of dissociation and derealization impacted Manzoli through her childhood. She uses the single to describe her feelings of disconnection with reality. Manzoli has two singles on Spotify, ‘Silent Movie’ and ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’. To stream the singles and find out information on Manzoli’s upcoming live shows, check out her page on Spotify!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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