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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Sister" - KERSTY

There’s something really special about the bond between two sisters; sure, you’ll be at each other’s throats occasionally, but there’s something unspoken that both of you know no one else will understand. KERSTY’s latest single “Sister” is an imagining of this relationship, where the desire for an older sister manifests in the mind but not reality. She's your cheerleader, your ultimate role model, but doesn't actually exist. For those who have a sister, this song will be exactly what you think it is: it describes all the little things you and your sister have had the opportunity to enjoy. And, for those who don’t and always wished for one, this will hit home very hard. “Sister” is a song that yearns for that guiding force, that older sister who just seems so cool and so wise, and will always be there for you, right by your side.

What immediately struck me in “Sister” was just how wistful it sounded. The songwriting is highly nostalgic, yet the irony of this sister not existing is highlighted through lines like, “Maybe that’s why I’m bitter/’Cause I never had a sister”. As you listen to the track, each verse details the little things these sisters do together, from sharing outgrown clothes to gossiping about boys. Then, when the chorus eventually comes along, you’re drowned in wide and epic instrumentals, the vocals swelling with each strum of the strings and slam of percussion. That chorus is filled with longing and melancholy; for anyone who’s ever wanted a sibling, it hits a very specific chord, a very particular feeling, in the way it’s sung. KERSTY’s vocals are powerful and emotive, and the way her voice gradually climbs throughout the verses helps build the song’s story. “Sister” has yearning at its core, and through the combination of impassioned vocals and instrumentals, you get this beautifully contemplative song.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter KERSTY was born in Austin, Texas, and knew that all she wanted to do was write and perform her own music ever since she began playing guitar as a pre-teen. Her debut single “Anybody Else” released in 2020; and her debut EP “SAD GRL” released the next year, catching the eyes of industry professionals, which allowed her career to be launched into its next step. With vulnerable lyrics and that gritty tone, KERSTY’s music is one that brings people together through its honesty and relatability. “Sister” is currently KERSTY’s latest release, and is actually the first song off her upcoming EP “Night Swims”. If you enjoyed “Sister”, then keep an eye out for KERSTY’s next releases and that EP!

Written By Alexa Leung



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