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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Sixteen" - Josh Nuzum

When you are young, you have so many dreams and ideas. You feel wild, and free, and that the world is at your feet. When you mature, it can feel like those dreams are so far away from you now, and you long to have the same mentality as you did all those years ago. This is the topic of up-coming pop artist Josh Nuzum's new track, "Sixteen." The song is about reclaiming hope for those dreams, years later.

The track begins with a fast guitar beat, with the sound of the frets squeaking under a skilled players fingers. Nuzum's voice is reminiscent of Shawn Mendes, but it has its own unique qualities in his lower register. The sounds of swelling strings start to come in, and drums and pianos help build the track. The lyrics delve into the topic of feeling young and free at sixteen, and doing whatever you desired, "Sixteen years old // Hanging out in parking lots // We'd pitch in for gas, and drive to Sunset Beach." He delves into the topic of how time feels at a young age, "Time moved so slow, but then it disappeared so fast." To looking foreword to the future, "Cause we got older, and we knew that things would change // We couldn't wait to, get a thousand miles away." But now, after maturing, wishing that you could move back to the past, "One day, we'll chase down every dream // But we didn't know, that you don't know // When you're young and living free // One day we'd wish that, we could all go back to sixteen."

Josh Nuzum is an up-and-coming pop artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. "Sixteen" is his third single of 2022. It comes after previous singles "Stand Again," and "Dream on My Own." With a voice that calls to mind artists like Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran, Nuzum's songs are sure to be stuck in your head on repeat all day long.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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