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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Skin 2 Skin" - WREN

Technology has greatly reduced the need for human contact. We can communicate without being physically present. The pandemic only served to decrease human contact as it forced us to stay indoors. We were even able to go to work without ever leaving home. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to be able to “commute” to work and school in pajamas, but human contact is important. Part of human contact entails human touch. This aspect holds valuable benefits for our health. In fact, touch stimulates the brain to release endorphins. Additionally, just one touch can reduce our blood pressure and heart rate. WREN would certainly agree with all the benefits of human touch. Her song, “Skin 2 Skin,” is a defiant track about how deprived we are of human contact.

I have to admit that the overall sound in this song surprised me at first. I had never heard a song that sounded so angry. As I got deeper into the track, I concluded that the anger was good because it translated into a kind of fiery passion. I liked the part in the song where WREN sang about being physically but not mentally present. In the second verse, she sings about getting vaporized by a crowded city. I think the larger theme of the situation is very relatable. While we are not actually vaporized by the city, we have a tendency to go about our busy lives without making any real connections.

WREN hails from the South Coast of England. I was surprised to learn that her work is classified as a “one woman DIY run project.” All the sound and passion sounded like the work of multiple people. Knowing that WREN does it all herself only makes her hard work more admirable. If you want to hear more of her, I recommend her other song, “Bad Decisions.” It is a song about making bad choices in romance. WREN reflects on being drawn to someone while ignoring the threat of getting hurt. Compared to “Skin 2 Skin,” the track is more raw with less electronic sound. Therefore, you really get to hear the strength in WREN’s voice.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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