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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Skyfall" - Harzee

“Skyfall”, Harzee’s latest release, is equally creative in production as in perspective. The song expresses the feelings that are usually secondary in a breakup. Unless, of course, it was a messy or resentful one. Those feelings range from anger to anxiety about reputation, to even looking for revenge. There’s very little grief to be found in the songs message and its tone reflects this. It is lyrical and active, making it very possible to avoid the more disheartening aspects of its backstory. And this is purposeful, his own retelling isn’t meant to be depressing because he doesn’t feel this way. He’s moving on, and he wants the listener to feel the inspiration and the passion he does.

The song begins with an electric melody that sets the beat for its remainder. When this breaks, and the listener hears Harzee’s voice for the first time, the beat drop really is a “skyfall”. You are immediately thrown into the upbeat sound the song is focused around. Harzee never falters, even when the song picks up in such a way. He manages to keep the beat of the song steady throughout, with every line landing. His first verse speaks of wrongdoings against him in this breakup, or even the relationship itself. In between his verses the listener can hear steady but harsh breathing, his own resilience being the background of his story of moving on. When he reaches the chorus, though, this changes. Instead of the beat heard before, Harzee displays his talent, his incredible vocals become the focus. And when that keyword “skyfall” comes, all his pacing and buildup pay off. “Skyfall” is a song with a lot of moving parts, but Harzee crafts them together beautifully, creating a dynamic, new sound.

Harzee is a Memphis based artist who, despite being only 17, has been creating music for almost a decade. He’s released three singles on Spotify dating back to 2021, he’s a student of Stax music academy, and a first chair in his school choir. Most recently, he’s been named the winner for the Tennessee Songwriters Week where he earned a four-hour recording session and other benefits which will hopefully get him more in the public eye. Clearly, though, this has already been taken into effect with Harzee being featured on WREG and in several articles following his victory. As he’s discussed before, it hasn’t been an easy path. But Harzee’s incredible ability to create and his dedication to getting his creations heard leaves no doubt that he is an artist to watch, and “Skyfall” is the song to listen to.

Written By Hailey Schap



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