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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Slot Machines" - Anna Elyse

“Slot Machines” is a contemporary and indie pop anthem that explores the complex feelings behind realizing that what you once saw as familiar no longer falls into place within your life. Imagine you return one day to a life all too familiar. The smells, sounds, and energy of this situation are apart of a life you once lived, but an unwelcome feeling creeps in. Although you know this all and have lived through it, your mind and spirit can not help but reject it. You constantly pull the levers and wait for the rapid flashing lights to bring you the comfort and familiarity you once felt, but no dice. But you’ve grown since your last walk down these roads, and the happiness you once felt among these slots has dissolved into disillusionment. The air has turned stagnant, and you run into the realization that you could never bring yourself to battle for this again as though it were a locked door.

Anna Elyse’s latest single is a contemporary alternative anthem that leans heavily into the vocal perfectionism of Elyse as well as the simple yet captivating instrumentation. As she lays out each new lyric detailing the complex emotions being felt, Elyse’s relaxed yet engaging vocal performance pulls you in. The melancholy nature of this single is emphasized through each heartfelt note. The consistently somber instrumentation also encapsulates the introspective lyrics. Each beat and piano chord reveals the wistful remembrance the speaker has for the life they once revolved around. Picking up only around the chorus, the song has no need to become upbeat. The lyrics, vocal performance, and beats intertwine to tell a story that is as engaging as it is melancholy.

Anna Elyse is a singer-songwriter producer from Orange County, California. She went to school for both creative writing (poetry) as well as going to Audio Engineering School where her jumpstart into the music industry began. Stepping into the industry was simple for her and even led to collaborating with artists such as Logic on his albums Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, and No Pressure. She has worked closely with artists such as Logic which allowed her to perfect and fine-tune her craft. She began working on, producing, and mixing her own music in 2020 and has since released a few well-received singles and EPs. In the near future, she plans to expand into a strong online and stage-presence as her career grows. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Slot Machines” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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