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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Slow Dancing" - Lucy McWilliams

Picture the protagonist of your favorite book finally dancing with her love interest at a ball of sorts that they both happen to be attending. The climax of their relationship on the brink of finally happening. That’s the exact vibe that “Slow Dancing” by Lucy McWilliams is giving. In the slow, intense rhythm resembling that in a lot of Lana Del Rey songs, Lucy sings about the euphoric feeling one might get from slow dancing with a stranger in a bar. The feeling of being with someone you never met, yet being held like it's been an eternity since you've last seen each other. Overall, this song will transport you right into the thick of a night out in a foreign place where you can be anything with anyone.

Lucy’s voice begins to serenade us as the song begins. She sets the scene: a man in a bar walks up to her and asks how she’s doing. With this first verse comes the smoothness of Lucy’s vocals coupled with a powerful piano melody that then quiets down as she continues to sing. The chorus features the introduction of a guitar as Lucy continues to show off the crisp quality of her voice and the range she is able to achieve. More about the situation is revealed in the bridge, where the picture is painted through Lucy’s clever and descriptive lyrics, putting us right on the sticky floor cheap-perfume-scented bar with her. “Slow Dancing” holds a consistent rhythm throughout, the piano and accompanying instruments echoing in the background perfectly. It perfectly matches the vibe put out by Lucy’s lyrics.

At just 22 years old, Lucy is originally from Dublin but currently lives in London and has been building a career for herself. Being in such a big city has allowed her to really embrace her passion for music. Since living there, she has released many of her own songs, ranging from her extremely popular single “Fair Play” surpassing over ten million streams on Spotify to her newest song “Slow Dancing” which everybody should definitely listen to. You can catch Lucy live on March 23rd at her headlining show in Dublin, and again on July 20th at Iveagh Gardens in Dublin. Lucy is extremely talented, and we are excited to see what lies in store for her!

Written By Molly Schiff



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