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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "So Bad Together" - Tash Blake

I think George Carlin was the only person willing to admit that he was a fan of entropy. Entropy in this context refers to the lack of order and the unpredictability that comes with disarray – in other words, pure chaos. We ALL like chaos, especially the chaos that wreaks havoc in romantic relationships. If we didn’t, reality dating shows like The Bachelor, Love Island, Sexy Beasts, and The Flavor of Love would not have become pinnacles of pop culture. It’s why we’re obsessed with bad Hollywood romances, too. From Elizabeth Taylor's multiple marriages to Megan Fox's hot and cold relationship with MGK, we’re entropic romance fans. And so is Tash Blake. In their latest single, “So Bad Together”, Tash Blake explores the fascination we have with chaotic relationships that have been placed under the public eye's microscope.

“So Bad Together” is a Dance-Pop anthem dedicated to Hollywood’s unhealthy portrayal of romance and our overenthusiasm to consume it. The song opens with intense synths and mixed beats to give listeners a little taste of how gripping the relationship being discussed is. With listeners adrenaline at its’ peak, Blake divulges some details about the partners in the first few verses. But the most eye-catching detail is how compelling the relationship is bound to be when “a love’s this deep”. Blake’s exquisite vocals make this connection sound so alluring and enticing, but it’s merely an illusion for the sake of the camera lens. Behind closed doors, the intense intimacy of the relationship does not live up to the ideal it projects. Instead, the relationship becomes a “plot twist”, appearing more like the connection from Fatal Attraction. The fatalistic nature is emphasized in the chorus: “Whether it’s pain or pleasure / It’s all the same / I promise you I’ll go through whatever it takes / Cause it’s only you / ONLY you”. This has transformed beyond a relationship, it’s now a detrimental obsession. The obsession doesn’t just lie with one partner within the relationship, however. It also lies with the voyeuristic spectators of this relationship. The title of the song serves as a double entendre to confirm this. “So Bad Together” is not just referring to how toxic this relationship is for the people within it, but the toxic relationship between its’ continual advertisement and observers eagerness to consume and project this entropic sentiment into their own relationships to recreate the same thrill.

Tash Blake is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and the possible lovechild of Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. With a background in dance and musical theater, it’s no surprise the artist’s vocal prowess and stage presence gives listeners an out-of-body experience like the aforementioned icons. Blake released their debut single, “Mannequin”, last December. The accompanying music video was dropped last month and has amassed over two million views! The stunning visuals give fem-fatale vibes to empower anyone that’s been robbed of their identity within a manipulative relationship. “So Bad Together” is Blake’s follow-up single, and I cannot wait to see the music video she conjures up for it. If you’ve enjoyed Blake’s commentary on the public’s enchantment with bad romance, show her some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille


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