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  • Megan Cao

Review: "So Far Away" - Trisha & Thara

Photo Credits: Kayte Darling

Hailing from the vibrant soundscapes of sibling synergy, Trisha & Thara's new single "So Far Away" stands testament to the indomitable emotional ties that bind family. The song, which serves as a heartfelt dedication to the ubiquitous experience of separating from loved ones, captures a universal sentiment wrapped in personal memories. Accentuated by an orchestral build-up that wouldn't feel out of place in a cinematic climax, "So Far Away" thrives on its emotional build, leading the listener through a crescendo of feelings that culminate in an instrumental outpour that captures the essence of departure and the beauty of the bond that distance cannot sever.

From the opening notes, the duo's intrinsic connection is palpable, as they interlace their vocals in a tapestry of harmonies, echoing the influence of A-listers like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. However, Trisha & Thara shine with their unique light, their voices carrying the weight of nostalgia and the warmth of companionship over the evocative strokes of the piano keys. Throughout the song, one can hear the echoes of familiarity, the shared giggles between sisters, and the silent bonds that resonate even through distance. This is not merely a ballad but an anthem that rings true for anyone who's had to part ways with their kin, finding solace only in the treasures of shared history. Crafted within the creative walls of The Bridge Sound Stage Studio and shaped under the keen production of Janos Fulop, aka The Arcitype, "So Far Away" is more than a song—it's a narrative encapsulated in melody, a cathartic release for those grappling with separation.

Trisha & Thara, a sibling pop duo based in the Boston area, launched their recording career in 2020 with original soulful ballads “You Used To Be” and “Regret”. While they landed on dozens of influential playlists and were even featured on the Women of Substance music podcast, Trisha & Thara weren’t even close to their full potential. Amping up their energy in 2022 while keeping their infectious and inviting melodies, the duo released “Too Late Again”, a pop/EDM flavored romp that landed the sisters second on the Retail Music charts alongside national press. Coming full circle in 2023, they released a cinematic and dramatic track “Out of the Dark” as a gift to their mother. Now, in 2024, they’re determined to reminisce the special moments they’ve shared with “So Far Away”, a thought-provoking musing on siblings, their bonds, and their future together. 

Written By Megan Cao


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