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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Social Battery" - Maya

Imagine for a moment you’re at a party. Dancing, laughing, and hanging out with your friends. The night has been good for a few hours, but slowly you start getting tired. Your friends may be ready to go all night, but the craving for alone time is becoming intense. All you want is to be alone for the rest of the night, and it has nothing to do with them. You’ve just been out for a long time and you need to recharge. Your social battery has depleted. Many of us share this experience whether we have the term for it or not. Maya wants us to know that feeling is not only normal but, valid in her new track Social Battery.

The track begins with a pop-leaning guitar chug and then bursts into the opening lyrics. Maya describes her old self. How she once was the person ready to make plans and jump on tables but now that she has gotten older things have changed. She is reminiscing on this opening line but the feeling is acceptance. Maya has accepted that her days of partying all night are behind her and she has begun to acknowledge the existence of her weening social battery. This doesn’t mean she won't go out this just means she won't stay out for too long. The track has a steady and clear pop instrumental. Featuring claps 808s that carry the song's mood forward. The vocal layering makes it feel like the song is a memory. As Maya reminisces on the old times with her friends it is almost as if she is taking us on the journey with her. The track is excellently produced and does an amazing job at its storytelling. It is also incredibly relatable to discuss something not many have in such a fun and interesting way.

Maya is a singer-songwriter from Seattle. She is currently based in Los Angeles and her career has been blooming since 2020. Since the release of her debut single Intoxicated Maya has seen massive growth in her fan base. With features in both Medium and Voyage LA under her belt she began working harder on her music. Her third single Bittersweet went viral on TikTok and amassed nearly 2.4 million views. This put her on the map but her debut EP set the stage for her greatness. 21 Years to Realize was a hit and gained Maya over 700,000 streams. She is currently working on new music and promoting her latest song on social media.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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