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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "somebody to talk about" - second thoughts

Sometimes the greatest peace can be found in letting go. Listening to the judgement of others can easily eat away you; however, there is so much more to life than the opinions of your peers. Second Thought’s new single, “somebody to talk about” tackles this topic of not caring what people think about you and gaining self-confidence. The tune oozes coming-of-age vibes, with upbeat instrumentation and lyrics unbothered in nature, depicting self-growth. For instance, the lines, “You forgive to forget, and dwell until you’re gone” and “The limits of life aren’t just what you know” communicate the idea that overly negative people often detract from your happiness and life enjoyment. The emotional sentiments present in "somebody to talk about" as well as its beautiful instrumentation and vocals make it both an enchanting and profound work of art.

“somebody to talk about” is opened with glistening guitar lines and playful drums. The simple yet beautiful instrumentation brings a whimsical element to the tune. The song’s exuberant vocals are clear and high-pitched yet masculine. Haunting, female vocalizations are dispersed throughout the track, adding unique touches of ethereal and otherworldly components. The inclusion of acoustic guitar gives “somebody to talk about” that perfect tinge of folk, ushering in the listener nostalgia. The single’s dance evoking chorus contains a fast-paced, lively rhythm and meaningful lyricism.

Based in Hertfordshire, Second Thoughts is an alternative indie-pop band consisting of four members, Clara Freeman-Taylor (bassist and vocalist), Jude McCreath (rhythm guitarist and vocalist), Ben Campbell (lead guitarist and vocalist) and David Addison (drummer). The group made their musical debut in 2019 with the bedroom-pop inspired single, “wonderhow”. Some of their biggest hits include “nicotine stains”, “another guy” and “parachute” which amassed over 3.5 million streams on Spotify alone. In fact, Second Thoughts has reached mass success on Spotify, garnering over 162k monthly listeners and receiving support from numerous editorial playlists such as “Noisy”, “All New Rock”, “undercurrents” and “New Music Friday UK”. The first single released from Second Thoughts’ up and coming EP, “FLUKE”, titled “how would you know” has reached over 44k streams on Spotify and 8.3k views on its official music video. Luckily for fans, Second Thoughts has more great hits on the way, with their EP, “FLUKE” having four more beautifully crafted indie-rock tracks coming soon.

Written By Julia Hooper



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