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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Something Better" - Brother Bird

“Something Better” is Brother Bird’s latest release, a piece on finding more in life. Among the simple inconveniences, the heavy weight of less simple struggles, there is an unclear but hopeful light at the end of the tunnel that pushes her to look just beyond whatever occupies her energy now. She describes her own uncertainty into what this might be, a groundbreaking opportunity, or just something new, but no matter how it manifests itself, life goes on-and usually for the better. The song is about melancholic topics, but approaches them with optimism. If you crave the relatability of somber ballads but need the boost of something more inspirational, there’s nothing better than “Something Better”.

The song begins with a mellow but upbeat guitar as Brother Bird begins setting the scene for this sudden need for change. She describes her car breaking down, calling her mom, and then an overwhelming sense of isolation in a seemingly unsympathetic world. The music chimes in piece by piece until her strikingly catchy and skillful chorus begins, a purposefully repetitive line going in circles, “there’s something better” she chants, almost as if reassuring herself. When it breaks, the instrumentals cross genre bounds and almost become rock. Brother Bird’s organic voice brings the tone back down as she continues to reflect on her current environment. But, as her thoughts keep returning to this mysterious future that calls to her, so does the song and it ends on another rendition of “there’s something better”.

Brother Bird is the stage name of singer and songwriter Caroline Swon. Caroline grew up in a musical household, with a piano she played from an extremely young age. When she was seventeen, she took this skill to the internet where she posted a cover of "Deer" by Manchester Orchestra. Andy Hull, a member of the band, was sent this video and Swon's first connections to the industry were born. Following this, and inspired by it, she performed on The Voice at eighteen. It was here she first gained real publicity and it opened the door to the incredible career she holds now. Learn more about her on her socials below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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