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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Something of Nothing" - Talk In Code

Talk in Code delves into themes of unrequited love, romantic miscommunications, and unfair expectations on their latest track, Something of Nothing; or as they more eloquently put it, "It's about drama queens!" When asked about the song's significance, the band touched on "people in our lives that dramatize, over-analyze, or inflate" issues that may arise and, instead, really "just need to be taken at face value". Lyrically, TIC opens the song strong by painting a clear picture of a lover fed up with his partner's constant head games – singing "I'm tired of talking" ... "It's time for walking". The song's catchy hook repeats as follows, "You're making something of nothing, you want me to decide" ... "I'm taking each step at a time" – further emphasizing how frustrated the track's protagonist is with the situation he finds himself in. Something of Nothing is a highly relatable tune delivered over intoxicating melodies and is sure to draw listeners in with its emotionally charged storyline of romantic strife and inner turmoil.

Something of Nothing tastefully blends influences of electronic pop, alt rock, and synthwave to create a fun and energetic groove for listeners' enjoyment. With a signature big, punchy snare and stacks of lush synthesizers, and it's clear that there is some true 80s inspiration taking place on this track. The producer blends a live drum kit sound with auxiliary percussion during the chorus sections, which ultimately raise the energy on the song's more stripped-down verses. There can also be heard some lovely swooshes and synth flutters that help to beautifully transition between different sections in the arrangement. It would be hard for me not to mention the flashy guitar licks peppered throughout the entirety of the track, as their inclusion fittingly elevates the tune to a higher level. The addition of funky rhythm guitar chords, which are most apparent in the bridge section, serve to drive the groove and ramp up the energy leading into Something of Nothing's electric final chorus.

Hailing from Swindon, in Southwest UK, Talk in Code is an ultra-exciting indie pop band with an enigmatic sound that was once described as being reminiscent of "The 1975 with a huge dollop of Duran Duran". After signing to Regent Street Records in 2022, TIC went on to release three hit singles that accumulated over 300k streams and were added to over 500 playlists across Apple Music, Soundcloud, and FLO. The band has gone on to perform at festivals like Victorious Wychwood, Lechlade, and Jurassic Fields, while also being twice-programmed nationally for Foodies Festival. The name, Talk in Code, stems from the idea that "everyone relates to songs differently" and crafts their own individual meaning, relationship, and (indeed) code.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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