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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Sleeping Alone" - Cat Calabrese

A slow-burning electropop dance track, “Sleeping Alone” narrates Calabrese’s inner struggle with herself. She wants to give in to the hollow of loneliness but also wants to seek connection with others. She’s scared of whether she can connect, glass and chains stopping her from speaking and rising up. Though she can’t help but be in her head, she knows that what she’s doing isn’t healthy; this is only born out of habit, not comfort. But she’s scared to take the next step, something that everyone can relate to; the fear of change.

Slick with a pulsating bass, electronic drums and percussions and wonky synths, the production adds a sense of urgency and weight on the words that Calabrese sings. Her voice soars as she contemplates sleeping alone yet again, something that’s echoed by the strange synths peeking out after the chorus. Romanic’s background vocals harmonize with Calabrese’s sultry and almost gritty-like voice, adding smoothing out her raw and emotionally-charged vocals.

From Cleveland, Cat Calabrese is a pop vocalist and songwriter. Bearing her soul and vulnerability to the world, Calabrese began her career as a way to cope and heal from her trauma. She looked to music to regain herself, her power, and narrative, cultivating fearless and courage in her music. As the former lead vocalist of Rule of Young, Calabrese has a lot of experience with music. But as a solo act, she’s looking to combine her lyrical storytelling with memorable hooks and pulsating bass lines.

Written By Megan Cao



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