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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "gaslight" - IVA queendom X RUINDKID

Gaslighting is a term we’ve all heard before but don’t really know how to define. It becomes harder to pinpoint its definition when there’s so much psychological terminology that overlaps with it, too. But the best way to understand and define gaslighting for others is to refer to it as reality distortion. Gas-lighters will double-down and deny the reality of various situations and circumstances; in this process they convince you to believe their crafted lies while instilling self-doubt within you. Gas-lighters undermine the confidence you have in yourself and your abilities. In "gaslight", co-songwriters IVA queendom and RUINDKID expose the handbook gas-lighters abide by and provide insight on what it's like to be on receiving end of their mistreatment.

The dance electro-pop single, “gaslight”, reveals the common tactics of gas-lighters while serving as a source of empowerment for those who have ever found themselves enmeshed with one. The song opens with a booming baseline that prepares listeners for the topic at hand. The opening verse details how gas-lighters target you when you’re young and lure you in with future faking. It’s much easier to manipulate the young due to their lack of life experience – it’s difficult to identify a gas-lighter in romance when you’ve never encountered one before. Once they’ve got you hooked, gas-lighters then isolate you as they observe from a distance as it’s noted in the second verse. The purpose of this is to keep you dependent on their validation. It becomes the breeding grounds for an unhealthy, codependent relationship. The buildup to the chorus mimics the same charm gas-lighters use to attract their victims; the driving beat listeners become familiar with slows down as IVA bewitches us within the pre-chorus. But we’re treated to raw power of IVA’s voice in the chorus and post-chorus. Her inquiries as to why gas-lighters operate in the fashion they do loans listeners the encouragement they need to confront the gas-lighters in their own lives. Within the post-chorus, Birk B needs to be recognized for brilliantly capturing the emotional turmoil gaslighting inflicts on victims; the mixing here makes you envision someone’s head spinning from confusion and anxiety. And this all contributes to victims feelings of undesirability and low self-esteem that’s touched on in the third and fourth verses. Gas-lighters' deception will make you feel as though your efforts are not enough to appease them or others which further contributes to the aforementioned feelings - forcing a victim to fall deeper into this toxic codependency. It transforms into a vicious cycle that eventually results in loneliness where “it feels like nothing really helps” the victim. But thankfully, “gaslight” casts a much-needed light on the deceitful personalities that utilize these tactics in hopes of sparing others this experience, and providing the strength to leave for those still enduring it.

South Korean producer RUINDKID, and Danish pop-icon IVA queendom combined creative forces to bring listeners “gaslight”. The two co-wrote the sharp, energetic song together with IVA also serving as the vocalist for it. Both artists have experiences with being gaslight in former relationships; grounding the single in personal experience which makes it all the more relatable to listeners. Outside of their collaboration, RUINDKID is an independent artist and producer with sights on becoming an international virtuoso. Singles you should also consider checking out from the artist are "Fall To My Grave" and "BRING ME DOWN", the latter showcasing their high quality production skills. IVA queendom rose to stardom after winning 2014’s POPSTARS in Denmark. After pursuing some opportunities, the artist took a brief hiatus but returned to music in 2020 with their single “I Wish”. IVA’s discography highlights the artist’s emotional vulnerability that lets listeners into her world. If you’ve enjoyed the joint force of the two artists as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille




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