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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "sorry for myself" - Allison Leah

Regret is one of the worst emotions. You spent your precious time chasing after something or someone that did you wrong. On the bright side, you now know that you deserve better. Therefore, rather than take pity on yourself, you see your sadness as the starting point to a happier chapter in your book of life. In her defiant pop tune, “sorry for myself,” Allison Leah reflects on her time in a toxic romantic relationship. Rather than being slow and ballad-like, this breakup song is wonderfully gritty and upbeat.

The first thing I noticed about the song was the group of harmonies at the beginning. It was very satisfying to listen to and helped to ease the listener into the song. The music then becomes louder as the song progresses. The first verse was another aspect that stood out to me. It is the only point in the song where Leah brings up positive memories of her ex-lover. The rest of the song portrays them negatively. Finally, I liked how the bridge pulled the whole song together. At the end of the bridge, Leah sings “played me like a fool until I finally snapped, why would I apologize for that?” These lyrics imply that she is taking the blame off herself, and that is crucial for properly healing and moving on.

Allison Leah is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. She got an early start in the entertainment industry by singing on commercial jingles. As for her current musical career, she describes herself as a folk-pop artist. I definitely hear the pop side on “sorry for myself.” It would be cool to hear more her music that brings out the folk genre.

Written By Kelli Dixon


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