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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Sour" - Tabi Kate

Sometimes we want to believe so badly in the good that we completely overlook or undermine the bad. This tendency is especially true when assessing our time with another person. Primarily in our time with another person in a romantic relationship: it's easy to hyper-fixate on a partner's positive qualities and dismiss their red flags. Tabi Kate's "Sour" not only discusses this credulity but makes listeners realize it's okay to be wide-eyed about these relationships just as long as they can also acknowledge its impediments.

"Sour" depicts the naivety we experience in a relationship before the eventual breakup that forces us to think critically about it. The opening rhythm of the song is ethereal to establish the relationship's fragility due to the rose-colored glasses Kate is initially reviewing it through. Even going as far as vocalizing that this relationship left "a sweet taste in my mouth". But the reality is that this relationship was sour, primarily because of the partner's unfaithfulness and lies. However, despite this relationship not necessarily being ideal in hindsight - it is more than okay to have a fondness for it while simultaneously recognizing its limitations. Hence why the lyrics detailing the illusive behaviors of this previous partner are sung to a pop-groove track.

Tabi Kate is a U.K.-based artist, and “Sour” is the third single to be released by her. “No More” dropped earlier in the year, while “Closer” dropped last year for listeners. For U.K.-based listeners, primarily in Brighton and Hove, you can probably convince Kate to give you some more live performances! Her gigs get posted to her Instagram, so definitely be on the lookout for future performances. But for now, you can show Kate some virtual love by streaming her music.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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