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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Spaces" - NOA

During a serious romantic relationship, you form a strong bond with the other person. You discover above-the-surface information such as what their favorite food is and what kind of music they love/hate. With that, you also get to know that person on a deeper level. You make many memories together, and it seems as though you can’t see yourself with anybody else. If the initially strong bond has the misfortune of being broken, it can be hard to find someone who makes you as happy as that special person once did. NOA writes about going through this experience in her song, “Spaces.”

My initial thoughts about this song were that it was very smooth and relaxing. The lyrics are supported by a simple, repetitive guitar strum which allows the story of the words to come through. Additionally, NOA’s voice sounds as smooth as the music itself, if not more so. Her occasional harmonies add depth onto the song. Overall, I thought she wrote on a very relatable topic. It can be hard for an artist to share pain publicly through music. However, it can be worth it if the song helps someone in the audience cope with a similar situation.

NOA was born in Toronto, Canada. She was featured on Season 2 of CTV’s show, “The Launch.” During her time there, she worked with One Republic band member, Ryan Tedder. She has found continued success with sold out shows at The Drake Hotel in Toronto and Hotel Café in Los Angeles. NOA has been featured in notable publications such as Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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