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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Spinach In My Teeth" - BIZZY

What are friends for, if not to tell you the things you don't want (but need) to hear. You'd rather they tell you that your shirt is inside out, instead of having to find out for yourself after everyone has seen it. Nashville singer/songwriter, BIZZY is done dirty on her latest single, "Spinach In My Teeth," as trusted friends retroactively admit their dislike for an ex-boyfriend. BIZZY's catchy, pop songwriting is sharpened by the jagged edges of indie-rock instrumentation and a wicked vocal performance. The jangly guitars call to mind the delightful sourness of Liz Phair, but BIZZY's songwriting and vocal melodies are punchier, more immediate. The opening verse kicks up a cloud of dust with its gritty, lofi drums and lyrical malaise, but "Spinach In My Teeth" swiftly flips into startling clarity. Each instrument is perfectly mixed to optimal contrast; no sound gets lost or diffused. The resulting explorations of shame and embarrassment are transformed by the intensity of indignation.

"Five years and a really gross month / is a fucking long time not to tell someone." I highlight this couplet because it perfectly demonstrates the layers to "Spinach In My Teeth." Being in a long-term relationship that ended poorly, BIZZY has intense feelings to begin with. But the real kicker is finding out that her friends (who had always said they loved him) had secretly hated the guy the whole time. Like the title suggests, it's akin to walking through life in complete ignorance of something that everyone else can see. "They said he sucked and he'd never last / God I really wish they would have told me that!" It's the specificity of BIZZY's writing that makes "Spinach In My Teeth" such a memorable pop song. Even those that don't share in this experience can feel its sting.

Prior to making her name as a rising star in Nashville pop, BIZZY has established herself in the scene by writing for other artists. Last year, she released a snippet of her song "Anybody" on Tiktok, which garnered tremendous support. After releasing the anthemic single, BIZZY went on to release "Just Yet" in October and "Clean Cut" earlier this year. With viral success, BIZZY has continued to release remarkable singles that establish her as an artist with a strong future ahead. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter has more singles planned to come with the same vulnerability and authenticity prior singles have curated.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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