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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Stain" - Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne’s latest release, “Stain”, explores the concept of not only surviving through, but living with one's differences. The title refers to Edie’s experience living with her birthmark, feeling permanently stained. It is one thing to feel isolated from society in such a way, but as she explains, it is more than this. She endures a sort of ridiculed isolation, being alone and yet too noticed. Edie bravely addresses this topic, offering insightful commentary on the comments of others and on her own response. She knows you're “supposed” to be unphased, to be proud, she gives herself directions throughout the lyrics on this. Yet, it is only through the rehearsal of this and the repeated circumstances she finds herself in that she comes to genuinely feel self acceptance. And this is what her story tells, not the journey of self acceptance for the sake of social acceptance, but rather, for herself.

The song begins with an intense, cinematic sounding piano. It’s classical and full of drama, immediately sparking emotion. Edie’s voice begins far away, echoing, as if we're listening to her very thoughts. String instruments join and pick up the pace, swelling with her rapidly piling thoughts. And then it is silent. “Walking into a room” she sings, bringing the listener back to reality with her now clear voice. The beat remains steady and slow, rejoining Edie’s singing with a pace that makes it surprising each time. The instrumentals seem to mimic her footsteps and anxious heart, this tension completely immerses the listener in the scene she describes. But when the music picks up again, it isn’t full of the overwhelming emotion it was, instead it is light and relieving. “The things you say will fade away” she sings with pride, implying her birthmark won’t. Those who mock her will disappear, but she will always have herself and she won’t be ashamed of any part of her identity.

Edie Yvonne, the just fourteen year old singer, began making music in 2020 with the release of her first album “At Ease”. Her entrance to the public eye, though, was originally as an actress, starring in Chloe Sevingy’s “Kitty”. Her first single “With the Light” was based on the character she played there, intertwining her talents. Since, she’s continued acting, but has largely focused on music, releasing three singles on Spotify in the past year alone. In the past three months, she’s gained more than five thousand followers on Spotify, and continues to draw attention with her unique sound and beautifully crafted music videos that match it. “Stain”, the latest of these projects, was written after re-entering a public atmosphere following quarantine. The piece was written about finding her own self confidence, but is truly meant to inspire such feelings in others, she’s even gone so far as to donate a portion of the song's profits to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation in search of helping those who may relate to it. Follow Edie Yvonne below and stream “Stain” to see more of her refreshingly brilliant work.

Written By Hailey Schap



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