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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Stay Friends" - Ace Rosewall

"Stay Friends" is the newly released single from talented singer-songwriter Ace Rosewall. The single is an upbeat pop song, that is easy going and fun to listen to. This feel good song is played alongside lyrics that protray the real emotions and events of a breakup. While some of these emotions can be difficult at first, "Stay Friends" shows the other side of this journey, when the person reflects and finds out the breakup was for the best. In the song Ace Rosewall, seems to find peace with the closure of this past relationship of his. Both Ace's own personal triumph and the upbeat energy of the song, makes "Stay Friends" a fun but cathartic listen.

At its core "Stay Friends" is composed of the plucking of various simple guitar chords. These chords make up the substance of the song and provide the emotional pacing the song keeps throughout its duration. While the guitar chords are the center of this song, the addition of drums picks up the song and takes it to a new level when entering into the chorus. Furthermore, the addition of the pan flute adds an extra layer of authenticity to "Stay Friends." All of these elements come together to form a song that follows the structure of a typical pop song, while still letting Ace's aspects of musical authenticity shine through.

Ace Rosewall is a talented UK based singer-songwriter. Ace has been using his talent to make waves within the underground music scene in London. His raw and unique vocals bring something new to the table, making his music a refreshing and energizing experience for listeners. Ace's newest single "Stay Friends" is an excellent representation of his talent and skills at work. The making of this song dates back to 2017, when Ace began writing the lyrics. Ace was able to turn the song from a bunch of seemingly randomized lyrics into an upbeat and emotionally charged pop song.

Written By Alison Holst


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