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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Stay" - The Graes

Being abandoned by someone you love is one of the most hurtful betrayals. It violates the most core element of love—trust. It’s difficult to trust others to stay in your life and to love again after abandonment. The Graes deliver powerful sentiments in their new single, “Stay,” delving into the difficulties of navigating those emotions after being abandoned by someone who claimed to love you. The song is about acceptance, learning to be okay with those who choose to walk out of our lives. The Graes were inspired to write this song, reflecting on their experiences of being adopted and how feelings of abandonment impacted them.

“Stay” is euphoric, featuring a perfect blend of acoustic guitar and synth sounds. The intoxicating way CJ and Cassie Grae’s vocals compliment each other create enchanting melodies, gliding over the song’s ethereal soundscape. A slower track with a gentle feel, “Stay” offers a chill atmosphere to escape into. Though the lyrics are slightly melancholic, this dreamy addition to the pop-folk world has a twist of hope hidden in its elegant layers. Whether you can relate to the meaning behind the music or not, "Stay" is an enthralling listen for any pop-folk lover. The dreamlike mood The Graes create will have listeners feeling like they're floating on air.

The Graes are a pop-folk duo consisting of members CJ and Cassie Grae. The two are based out of Wilmington, NC and are married to each other. They craft melodic stories that highlight the human condition and show the beautiful co-existence between celebration and grief, and between dreams and daunting realities. They have quickly built their social media presence and fanbase, being known for their effortless ability to engage a crowd with unforgettable performances. The Graes put true authenticity and vulnerability on display, creating music that connects with their listeners—something simple conversation can’t always do. They write about all aspects of life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—it’s their way of processing, healing, and resetting. The Graes pull inspiration from artists like The Civil Wars, Johnnyswim, Jon Bellion, and Ed Sheeran, and have collaborated with well-known producers and songwriters like Austin Bello and Ron Geffen.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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