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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Steal My Skin" - Jade LeMac

“Steal My Skin” is an exhausted love song, displaying the efforts put into a relationship for the better resulting in nothing. But, it isn’t a break up song or a piece about finally having enough and moving on. Instead, she offers everything in the face of nothing working. She isn’t leaving, she’s accepted nothing is going to change, and she falls into a tired, content state. She speaks on tying her identity to this person, “stealing skin” being a reference to this. They took everything from her, including who she is, but doing so made her unable to fight back and recognize her ability to stand against these actions. They’ve taken all her energy, and without it, she can’t stop them from taking more.

The song begins with what seems to be the final straw, Jade LeMac’s voice raw and perfectly pronouncing the tiredness of her character. The pain she presents almost creates a folk sound to her voice, with it varying quickly between tones and wrapping the listener into the intensity of these emotions. A softened guitar strums behind her during this intro, matching the theme of having very little left to give. Jade’s thoughtfulness shines through here, being able to center such emotive sound from the mere pacing of a guitar. As the piece continues, of course, the instrumentals pick up but never lose this feeling. There comes a point where she almost demands that the listener take more, desperately screaming for them to. Here, the music explodes, everything clashes, and the song ends abruptly within this shout, implying it was the last she had to give.

Jade LeMac grew up in Vancouver where it took her no time to find her love for music. Simply singing karaoke with her family quickly turned into singing on her own, and by middle school she was writing original songs. Now, she’s 18 and hasn’t left this path once. She’s constantly writing, having released over 12 singles in the past two years. All of them differ, moving in between genres and particularly moving between moods. But what they have in common is their success, with every song she releases reaching hundreds of thousands if not millions. Her most popular, “Constellations”, the title track from her 2023 album debut, holds over 23 million streams to date. Stream it and “Steal My Skin” below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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