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  • Victoria James

Review: "Stigma" - Wynter Reyne

“Stigma” is a refreshing perspective that needs to be emphasized more. The song speaks for the outsiders who never seemed to fit in but haven’t embraced standing out yet. However, with the help of Wynter Reyne, now is the time to celebrate your differences and come to terms with who you are as a unique individual. Sure to boost your confidence and remind you of your purpose, “Stigma” is a great song for all people, but especially those who were made fun of for being different from others. Instead of conforming to standards set by society, Wynter Reyne welcomes her individuality and encourages everyone who has experienced the same to accept themselves for who they are.

The song begins with steady guitar strums, and anticipation grows before Wynter Reyne breathes life onto the track. She has a strong and confident voice, giving people exactly what they need to feel empowered. She perfectly enunciates her words which helps convey the meaning of the song and the emotion behind the lyrics. As a result, the overall effectiveness of the song is enhanced, creating a safe space for listeners. The chorus is upbeat and has amazing drums that will fill you with energy. The song feels like a rush in the best way, leaving you with a pounding heart and a smile on your face. The chorus is the best part of the song, which skyrockets the replay value.

Wynter Reyne is an up-and-coming artist ready to take the music industry by storm. Her innovative mix of future, epic, and alt-pop defies genre boundaries and exceeds expectations. She is influenced by artists such as Linkin Park, Halsey, and Molly Sanden. She incorporates space elements and warrior drums in her music and is not afraid to create a bold and creative sound. Wynter Reyne uses her gift of music and her platform to advocate for neurodiversity and mental health awareness. Her music and artistic vision resonate deeply with millennials and older Gen Z, who appreciate her strong lyricism and beautiful voice.

Written By Victoria James



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