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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Stormy Weather" - Pomona Park

“Stormy Weather” is a breezy breakup anthem cursing yourself for overthinking and ruining something that had the potential to last. It’s all too easy to hyper-fixate on specific actions, especially with the modern attention economy expecting things to be instant and perfect. But relationships take cultivation, really truly understanding someone, and without controlling and trusting the other person, self-doubt can consume a relationship into a burst of flame. With touching lyrics like “behind my back is a place I start to see, when I feel lonely. And it’s presented in a cinematic arrangement”, Pomona Park perfectly describes the ever-present spiral as assumptions that wouldn’t have ever made sense in a logical state begin to seem like the only possibility.

With a lone acoustic guitar driving much of the melody, Pomona Park describes the ups and downs of an increasingly more popular pitfall in relationships. With epic synth-back guitar riffs, snappy drums, and iconic basslines, the song inches towards an explosive chorus that inspires the audience members to scream along in raw catharsis. Pomona Park does a great job at capturing how one pesky thought can multiply into many until it consumes you, especially if the thought isn’t nipped in the bud immediately. From the on-point songwriting to the emotional vocals emerges a passionate song that implores you to maintain trust and refrain from self-sabotage.

Fresh out of the second UK lockdown, bassist Bobby Mears messages guitarist James Reid in 2021. He tells him that frontman Chris Smith has succumbed to the weight of material and ambition, and has decided to grab drummer Aaron Wigglesworth along for the ride. With conversational lyrics painting the world as punchy basslines and awesome guitar riffs supplement it, Pomona Park’s rough-tough style was born. With features of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, Pomona Park has one mission: to get your feet tapping. After selling out Guilliver’s Manchester for their last headline slot and a recent support slot for Manchester aces Saytr Play, Pomona Park tops the bill at Lions Den Manchester on November 17th in a big step-up for the band.

Written By Megan Cao


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