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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Stupid." - Ni/Co x Jonathan & Friends

There are hundreds of cliche sayings about love. Love is blind. You’ll find love where you least expect it. Love can make you stupid. These phrases are overused to the point where they often go in one ear and out the other. You don’t think of them as factual. Then one day, a person comes into your life, and those cliched sayings suddenly make a lot of sense. In their new song, ‘Stupid.’, Ni/Co teams up with Jonathan & Friends to admit that the love they have for their partners is making them act like fools. I’m sure all of us have said ‘I’d never do x, y, z in a relationship. Only simps do that’. In this song, the artists are so head over heels for their partners, they find themselves acting like the lovesick fools we all say we’d never be.

This song got me excited for warmer weather. The upbeat tempo and fun lyrics make a perfect track for summer days. Whether you’re lying on a warm beach or relaxing in your backyard, this song creates a joyous atmosphere wherever it’s played. Dani and Colton, the duo who make up Ni/Co, have distinct voices that work together to create an energetic experience. While I was listening, I felt like the two vocalists were having a conversation. They’re each acting stupid over someone they like and were sharing the self-awareness they have of their situations. I particularly liked the lyrics, “How you got me doing such dumb, dumb/ Shit I swore I’d always run from/I’m chasing, I’m chasing”. To me, those lyrics encapsulate the essence of the song. The artists are admitting they’re acting foolish but they’re still going to chase after the one they love.

In 2019, the pop duo Ni/Co started to gain popularity on YouTube. The duo, composed of Dani Brillhart and Colton Jones, currently have over 40 million YouTube views. Before Ni/Co formed, Brillhart and Jones performed together in a show at the University of Alabama. Not long after, the duo was formed. Ni/Co recently were chosen to represent the state of Alabama in the competition show ‘American Song Contest’.

Jonathan & Friends put their first single up on Spotify in 2020. Since then, they’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on the platform. Often partnering with artist Julia Wolf, this is their first song partnering with Ni/Co. ‘Stupid.’ Is available to stream now!

Written By Maddy Mahady




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