• Kasey D.

Review: "Stupid" - Penny X

Penny X sings about being let on by a lover in her latest single, “Stupid”. From missing red flags to arguments lasting well into the night, listeners hear about the bitter love story between the singer and her ex-lover. Many teenagers and young adults can relate to having a sense of naïveté in their past relationships – being unfamiliar with how to navigate a failing partnership at such a young age. Penny X’s vulnerability in “Stupid” displays a strong sense of acknowledgment as she recalls her toxic, parasitic relationship and all the signs she was unable to see.

Unique instrumentals and echo-y vocals greet listeners upon arrival. Not only does Penny X describe her past relationship from her perspective, but also exemplifies this through instances mentioned above. We learn that the singer was blinded by what she thought was love, and how she was left to realise the severity of her situation on her own. This leads listeners to Penny X’s main point in “Stupid” that for her, ignorance is bliss. This can be found in the lines: “Now I wish I could go back to missing red flags” and “Can I go back to being stupid?”. These lines express Penny X’s desire to travel back to a point in her life where the singer was gullible and saw the good in what wasn’t. Now, this isn’t to be misinterpreted as the singer wanting to go back to her toxic relationship, but instead, the bearable, light-hearted emotions felt when she didn’t know as much as she does now. This feeling is relatable to most people in today’s generation. Sometimes, we wish we didn’t know as much because it’s an easier pill to swallow when you’re unaware.

Penny X is a German singer-songwriter who also enjoys posting video covers on TikTok. One of her covers was even noticed by singer Lauv. Penny X is bringing a new sound and style to the western music industry and we're excited for all that is to come. Follow her social medias below to stay updated!

Written By: Kasey D.