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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Stupid Perfect" - Aiida

Aiida releases new, upbeat track about overanalyzing a new relationship, “Stupid Perfect.” As much as we try to avoid it, our past has a way of defining our future. When you start dating a new person who’s incredible, you can look for negative qualities or red flags with a magnifying glass because it has to be too good to be true. Past heartbreaks leave us with scars that we put bandaids over instead of trying to heal them completely, and when our heart starts beating a little faster than normal for a new special someone, those scars can still bleed. It’s eyeopening when you start to consider yourself the toxic one because you can’t fully let someone love you. You want to be your old self but you’re dealing with battle wounds you didn’t ask for and a heart you didn’t break. We can expect the worst or look for the "exit stage left" sign because all is going a little too well, or we can be vulnerable, be ourselves, and jump in with two feet. The scary, and exciting, thing about a new relationship is that you never know how it’s going to end. Yes, they could break your heart, but you could also break theirs. Maybe they'll be the one, and every past heartbreak has lead you to the person on this earth that was made to complete you. The truth is, you will never know unless you try. Instead of looking for ways out, be your authentic self and ride the rollercoaster of love. Trust your gut but let your heart fall for someone new. Do not give your past the power to ruin your future. Let yourself be happy, and give yourself a chance at the love you’ve always dreamed of and the relationship you actually deserve.

“Stupid Perfect” is a very fun, happy tack that also exposes a real vulnerability we all face when entering a new relationship after some past heartbreak trauma. Aiida wrote this song based on her past experience, and she knows a lot of us feel the exact same way about new relationships. She gives her audience a safe space to air out their fears and grievances about giving our heart to someone new when it still has some cracks from the past. Sometimes you have to get in your car, roll down the windows, and just drive as you scream your worries and trepidations to get it out of your system, and “Stupid Perfect” is the perfect accompaniment to your overanalyzing. Sometimes, someone really is just that great, and you’ll never know if you don’t give it a real chance. It’s okay to be scared, but turn this song up as loud as it goes, dance in your kitchen, and leave all your self-doubt there. The lyrics are all too relatable and the melody is electrifying. It’s impossible to not get up and move when you hear “Stupid Perfect,” and Aiida is helping us release our deepest fears so we can be our best selves with this catchy, bright banger.

Aiida is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who knows how to leave a crowd craving more. She is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. Her striking vocals accompany her energetic arrangements seamlessly. This queer pop/R&B artist makes heartbreak sound enticing, but she is multi-faceted. Aiida lets us see her vulnerable, anxious side with her latest single, “Stupid Perfect.” With a dynamic sound similar to FLETCHER and Tove Lo, Aiida is surely one to watch out for. Follow Aiida on all her socials below, and leave her some love about how stupid perfect her new song is!

Written By Grace Chapman



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