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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Sucker Punch" - Bobby Marks

A sucker punch is defined as a sudden, unexpected punch or blow. In Bobby Marks’s new single, “Sucker Punch”, he uses this term as a metaphor to describe the path his career took. Although the lyrics may resemble the feelings that go into a new relationship, Marks wrote this song with a different interpretation. Instead, this song is an ode to him following his dream and the unexpected fame he has gained. The song details how he was going through the motions and not expecting anything to happen. There was an opportunity to advance his career and he took it. He allowed himself to be vulnerable, despite not knowing if it was going to be worth it. He sings, “This chain of reactions// Might be just what I wanted// Caught up in the passion// Trespassing the caution, you// You came in the night// You hit me like a sucker punch”. These lyrics paint the picture of Marks’s feelings when he realized that his dream is within reach. The lyrics in the second verse that stood out the most were “Why’d you even pay me attention? // Tell me how you got so invested”. Marks may be addressing his fans, wondering why they started listening. He does not understand this newfound fame and success, but he is happy to have gained these listeners. The incredible thing about music is it can be interpreted in many different ways. That is what makes “Sucker Punch” such a great song. It is able to be interpreted by the listener in whichever way they relate to.

Bobby Marks prides himself in music that is exciting, upbeat, and fun. He never wants to make filler music that will be overlooked. He wants to create music that will get listeners to dance. Marks does this with “Sucker Punch”. There are no slow moments. The melodies of the song are constant, making it the perfect dance song. Then, at the end of the chorus, the beat drops and literally “sucker punches” the listener. The song has so much energy and life, proving Marks’s talent and ability. The lyrics and production of this song truly depicts his passion for his future in this career. He is ready to contribute to the dance-pop world and continue to make music that lifts the spirits of anyone who listens.

Bobby Marks is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles. He grew up in a small suburban town where he was unable to be his true, authentic self. As a closeted gay kid, music was his escape from his surroundings. He began writing music at only nine-years-old. As he grew older, his love for music grew with him. He attended Berklee College of Music to develop and refine his skills. He is now ready to kickstart his pop-music career. His music is filled with infectious beats and catchy lyrics. There are no dull songs in his discography. In 2019 he released his debut single, “Demonic”. He has a total of six singles, including a remix of “Pretty Boys” by MaeThePirate. Marks gained a following after receiving viral success on TikTok. He has entered a new era of music and is ready to take the dance-pop music scene by storm.

Written By Karlee Smith



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