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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "SUCKER" - WALTA

Some people have a hold on us. Sometimes these people are oblivious to it, and sometimes they are fully aware of their influence on us. The people fully aware of the impact they have on us are in a rather interesting position; they can weld this influence for the better or utilize it for cruelty. More often than not, though, we see it weaponized to inflict cruelty - usually aimed at the hapless person swept up in this hold. WALTA sings "SUCKER" from the perspective of the 'holdee' fed-up with this treatment.

"SUCKER" is the musical reimagination of the idea of taking someone for a sucker. A person considering an individual to be gullible and attempting to exploit that gullibility is the act of taking someone for a sucker. Within the single, WALTA relays to listeners that they have been the unfortunate victim of this circumstance. At the hands of someone they thought had their best interest at heart - which hurts the most. But instead of projecting this exploitation onto others, WALTA is vowing to never be taken for a sucker again. Especially not by the same person. "SUCKER" is the brassy rock-pop reminder we all need to ensure our best efforts are not being taken advantage of by incorrigible characters.

WALTA is an Australian-based Alt-Pop singer and songwriter. "SUCKER" is the second single they've dropped - the first being "Can We Be Friends", which takes on a vastly different tone from "SUCKER". Demonstrating the creative range we can come to expect from WALTA. On top of their musical plights, they also have a thriving nail salon in Brisbane and a charming Podcast where the artist discusses music with a guest while doing their nails! So for those of you that are Brisbane-bound and in need of nailcare, definitely set up an appointment with them. And who knows, maybe you'll be featured on the next podcast episode. But if you're bounded elsewhere like I am, virtual love in the form of streams is always appreciated, too.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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