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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Summer" - Elle Coves

Elle Coves’ “Summer” needs to be added to all of your summer playlists right now. This song is a burst of energy with its catchy lyrics and upbeat vibes. Elle starts the song out by painting a picturesque scene of young love, where she’s encouraging a boy to hang out with her, saying that “the sun's not gonna wait for us.” She name-drops Converse and Capri Suns into this verse, contributing to the nostalgia factor that is heavily felt in the song. Elle wants to say goodbye to the sun and “stay to greet the night” with this guy, and she wants to dance to Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” forever. The pre-chorus sets up the chorus for massive success, asking a hard-hitting question that all teenagers are faced with: are we ever going to be like our younger selves, and can we even replicate that feeling? The chorus transports the listener to a place where their teenage self is in charge, where they stay out all night, sleep in all day, and lose track of time. Elle talks about driving with her friends and screaming along to their favorite songs (in Elle’s case, Harry Styles' music). She recognizes that “[they] must look insane”, but she brushes it off because it’s summer and all that matters is that they’re together.

This song is very worthy of the “Song of the Summer” title. There’s a certain vintage feel with the choice of guitar and piano that Elle used here. The group of chanting people in the chorus elevates the experiences and transports listeners to a summery landscape, no matter if it’s in the dead of July or a dark December day. Truthfully, this song is enjoyable for all ages and demographics, bridging the gap between old and new music seamlessly. What makes this song so addicting to listen to is its upbeat but chill vibe. Yes, the chorus feels like you’re throwing your hands up in a car with the top down, but it isn’t overdone. The instrumentation isn’t in your face, and it’s dialed back from most other summer hits. Another characteristic of hit songs is a specific tempo. The tempo in this song (as well as many other successful hits) coordinates with the rhythm of a heartbeat, which drives an affinity for a song. In terms of production, Elle uses Fleetwood-Mac-style guitars combined with Maggie Rogers’ melancholic electronica vibe. Besides the guitar, piano, and drums, a beautiful synth fills in the gaps, creating a fuller and dreamlike sound to the song. To sum it all up, this song is 3 minutes and 7 seconds of pure summer bliss.

Elle Coves sure had an orthodox start in the music scene. The 19-year-old was born in Germany to Spanish parents and moved to Ireland at 13. According to her Instagram bio, she is a “wannabe rockstar”, which is definitely felt in the two singles she’s officially released so far. Elle signed with Universal Music Publish UK in April 2023, which is home to singers such as Adele, Elton John, Coldplay, and Florence + The Machine. Even though her first single “Before I Fall Apart” was released on streaming in May 2023, she has had plenty of music experience before that. Her music went viral online, gaining millions of views across many platforms. In October 2022, she headlined her first performance in London, and she even toured with Lewis Capaldi in February 2023. As of now, Elle has over 100k monthly listeners with almost 500k streams for her debut single on Spotify. “Before I Fall Apart” was even featured on the famous Love Island UK television show. There is no telling how far Elle Coves will go, but she is absolutely an artist to look out for in the future.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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